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GladEye Prepublication Services



​         Don't get lost in the book-publishing jungle.
                        Let GPS be your guide!





Simply put, GPS provides affordable book manuscript evaluation for authors. Our professionals carefully read your book and craft a custom plan with recommendations on what is needed to make your book shine. Before you spend big $$$ on services you may not need, get directions from GPS.




We specialize in professional prepublication evaluation. Our experienced editors read your manuscript, note potential problem areas (which can include plot holes, inconsistencies, grammar issues, typos, tone/style mismatches, and more). You’ll get a deep and honest review, with specific advice about how to publish a better book.

Get Started



It’s easy! Send us your manuscript, pay our consulting fee (starting at $300), and we’ll provide you with your custom report within 6 weeks. We can accept a wide variety of digital manuscript formats and we have a range of professional evaluators well-suited for most types of nonfiction as well as virtually all genres of fiction.

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