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Order an Evaluation


Choose either STANDARD length manuscript ($300) or LARGE manuscript ($350). Manuscripts up to 95,000 words are considered standard, a big manuscript can be as much as 150,000 words. If your book is longer than that, contact us. You can expect to pay $50 for each interval above 150,000, but really, maybe you have two books? We accept most US-based credit cards (our services are not available outside the US). If you prefer to pay by check, mail it to our offices but understand that there will be a delay in your evaluation until we can receive and deposit your payment.

Once you’ve paid for your evaluation (choose from buttons below left), you have many options for submitting your manuscript. We take submissions either electronically or on paper. If you’re submitting electronically, make sure you include a cover sheet with at least the following information:



We prefer Microsoft Word (DOC or DOCX), but can easily handle text files. You can also submit a PDF. Do not submit page layout files (InDesign, Publisher, etc.) they rarely open correctly. Please include the word count here as well.


Please use the name you used to pay for your evaluation, along with the author name used in the manuscript (if different).



For example, A fantasy novel about the end of the world and aardvarks, or a how-to guide for building a spaceship in your garage. This helps us match your manuscript with the best evaluator.



This is where we’ll send your evaluation (in MS Word format). If you need another common format, let us know. You may upload your manuscript from this site, or email it to


If you send us a printed manuscript, please include the info above (except obviously the format info). The printout should have numbered pages, preferably be single sided and set in a readable type (11-12 point). Naturally, if you have a professionally printed and bound galley copy, you can ignore the numbering and single-sided details.

Mail check & manuscript to:

GladEye Press

4520 Daisy St.

Springfield, OR 97478

You can expect your evaluation within 6 weeks after payment and receipt of your galley. We’ll let you know once we begin the process and give you the estimated completion date. Thanks for your business, and best of luck in your publishing journey!

If you' d like more information, give us a call today at 541-747-4514.

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